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Life Plan Trust is a public non-profit organization started jointly by The Arc of North Carolina and NAMI North Carolina in 1990. Our other sponsoring agencies included The Autism Society of North Carolina and Easter Seals UCP North Carolina. Life Plan Trust works with families of individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities to help develop comprehensive plans for future care and can serve as trustee for funds designated for your family member’s benefit. Life Plan Trust is a member of the National PLAN Alliance and North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

Life Plan Trust grew out of a need expressed by families on how to ensure long-term security for their loved ones with disabilities while still safeguarding their benefits. We welcome you to our website to learn more about what Life Plan Trust does and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us to receive our brochure and arrange a free one-hour consultation. We look forward to the possibility of serving as trustee for your loved one and helping to enhance the quality of life for the beneficiary.