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First-Party Pooled Special Needs Trust

Special Needs/Pooled Trusts are an option for individuals with disabilities who have assets of their own (through a settlement, inheritance, back-payment, or other means).

Third-Party Pooled Special Needs Trust

A Third Party Funded Trust is a type of supplemental needs trust, administered by Life Plan Trust that preserves benefit eligibility, while providing for extras (above and beyond basic support).


Life Plan Trust is a public non-profit organization started jointly by The Arc of North Carolina and NAMI North Carolina in 1990.

Welcome to Life Plan Trust

Life Plan Trust is a public, non-profit corporation that provides future planning services through financial management and advocacy for individuals with disabilities and their families. Life Plan Trust is also able to serve as trustee for funds received through personal injury suits or other lump sums belonging to the beneficiary.

Additional Services Provided

By Life Plan Trust:

  • Serve as trustee
  • Paying bills on the beneficiary’s behalf
  • Advocating for appropriate services and assist with ensuring high quality of care
  • Researching available community resources
  • Teaching certain skills, such as money management skills, to individuals with disabilities to increase independence
  • Life Plan Trust is NOT able to provide residential services or primary supervision.

Mission Statement

Life Plan Trust collaborates with individuals with disabilities and their families to preserve and enhance their quality of life through future financial planning, trust management services, education, and advocacy.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is that people with disabilities have a secure financial future and are treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives.

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Life Plan Trust

Financial Management and Advocacy

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They Trust us


Values statements:

These core values are Life Plan Trust’s guiding principles in everything we do:

  • We respect and show compassion to all people with disabilities as well as their families.
  • We are honest with the information we give and are committed to providing the best service possible to our clients.
  • We take the responsibility families give us seriously, and pride ourselves in establishing trust and dependable relationships with the people we serve.