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Life Plan Trust is a public, non-profit corporation that provides financial management as trustee for individuals with mental illnesses and intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Life Plan Trust began as a service program of The Arc of North Carolina, NAMI North Carolina, The Autism Society of North Carolina, and Easter Seals UCP North Carolina. Life Plan Trust grew out of a need expressed by families on how to ensure long term security for their loved ones, while still preserving their benefits.

Life Plan Trust staff goes above and beyond basic financial duties and provides additional essential services like advocacy, education, referrals, and a listening ear to understand the needs of the beneficiary.  Our staff creates an individualized Care Plan for each beneficiary that is used as a tool to identify the needs of the individual and specifies the services to be provided.   

Life Plan Trust stays updated on trust regulations, as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid rules, to know how to disburse trust funds without jeopardizing government benefit eligibility for our beneficiaries or negatively impact eligibility for need-based financial aid.      

Because Life Plan Trust is a non-profit organization, our fees are competitive and usually lower than those charged by a bank or financial institution. Additionally, many banks are unwilling to accept trust accounts of less than $500,000. Life Plan Trust understands that this may be out of financial reach for some families and has managed trust accounts $100,000 and less.   

Life Plan Trust provides services throughout the State of North Carolina and has Regional Family Services Coordinators assigned to each beneficiary.